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by donnacopeland on April 14, 2012

Your Pinterest home page is even more critical to your success…

pinterest home page

pinterest home page (courtesy comscore)

… than your Facebook home page or news feed. Your Pinterest home page is where people go when they click on the red “Pinterest” logo in the top center of tool bar.

When I first clicked the logo I was stunned to find absolutely nothing on my main page. It took a few days but I finally figured out it was because I wasn’t following anyone so there was nothing to display. Start following people and, voila! There were all kinds of different pins coming up that intrigued me.

I didn’t get started in Pinterest in the usual way, with an invite from a friend. No, I wasn’t sure I wanted to have anything to do with this new program. So, if you are like me, just request an invite (for a Pinterest invite, just ask me at So it stands to reason that I didn’t have anyone to tutor me, like I can tutor you, in the beginning and show me the ropes.

Since then, as I have begun sharing the gospel according to Pinterest and evangelizing on all it’s goodness near and far I have mentored many friends and family on getting started, sometimes serving as a sort of tech support taking phone calls from a confused relative who lost a pin.

I always tell people that your Pinterest home page shows you what is going on in this Pinteresting world. On the top left you have a column with recent happenings directly related to you – who has started following you, who has liked or repinned your pins. If growing your business is one of your Pinterests it is really helpful to pay attention to what people seem to be attracted to on your page. This may cause you to adjust some of your pinning strategy.

Think of it as your Pinterest blog.

The fun part of the page comes in looking at new pins that people have posted. I, for one, love to find an inspiring quote or gluten-free recipe that looks good. I love the exploring part of this program. It is fun to try new things and see pictures of beautiful places or adorable animals. As you come across items that appeal to you on your page, repin them, but do so with discretion. Take care not to pin 27 pictures of sunsets all at once because remember, everything you pin shows up on the Pinterest home page of all of your followers.

Use the “Like” button for items you want to earmark but you may have already pinned in that category. That way you can still find that awesome pin in the future and at the same time you aren’t overwhelming everyone else’s pin-feeds.

Take some time to explore following different people to get a feel for their style, how much they pin, and what they pin. Don’t be afraid to pare down the people you are following or to not follow all of someone’s boards. This will ensure you are getting access to the pins that interest you the most and remove peripheral pins from your feed.

In time you will find yourself loving your Pinterest home page as I do, it’s a home away from home.

I can guide you step-by-step to using Pinterest to get more leads and make more money.

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